Glass Hammer Runner-Up for Tollbooth's Writers' Picks

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Glass Hammer Runner-Up for Tollbooth's Writers' Picks

Post by soulfreq » Tue Jun 06, 2006 10:49 am

Hey guys...check it out. GH - Live @ Belmont is runner-up for June's Tollbooth Writer's Picks...narrowly missing top honors:

And you can read my review here:

You can vote for GH - Live @ Belmont for the Top Ten readers picks here:

Good exposure for the mighty GH! The Phantom Tollbooth is a good place to visit for music, movie, DVD, and book reviews from a Christian perspective. Plus I write reviews so I am kinda' biased.

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Post by yeshead 777 » Wed Jun 07, 2006 5:54 am

Great website soulfreq! I will try to get a chance to post some reviews soon. You've got an impressive list of reviews of traditional CCM and lots of off the wall and proggy stuff too-great variety! I am now really into Caedmon's Call and Warren Barfield-two artists I saw at a Christian festival this past weekend. I've been a CC fan for years-and their show didn't dissapoint-but I had never heard WB-and i have to say I'm impressed. His new CD "Reach" is really good. 3 or 4 songs are pretty sappy AOR CCM, but th rest is really cool groovy r&B with pretty insightful lyrics. Thanks again for plugging GH! I posted a link to your site on PE.Peace,David.
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