Dalton - Taste The Sky

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Dalton - Taste The Sky

Post by Joe-× » Wed Aug 30, 2006 8:44 pm

Besides loving epic wanktastic prog rock suites about ridiculous pagan nonsense about nymphs and dryads and other such imps and devils, I like a good, rousing simple melodic rock song every now and then also. It's easy to excited about changes in time signatures while forgetting that good music is every bit as much or more about changes in the heart.

Earlier this year, I bought Eric Parker's Music for Missions' A Remedy Raised because he looked like such a nice guy strumming that acoustic guitar there in the back on Lex Live and because it was (and still is!) available for the extra cheap price of 5 bucks. The songs were basically simple pop / rock tunes. But I loved it. It was my disc of the year for much of the year - until a couple of weeks ago when I picked up Dalton - Taste The Sky.

The Dalton disc is in a similar vein. It's well-crafted, melodic rock that gives a solid dose of glory to the Lord. I found out about this band because I was following up on new material from John Elefante. I realize that official prog fans are supposed to despise the poppy early 80's material from Kansas, but I've always liked the AORish stuff with Elefante more.

I've tried to keep up with Elefante's post-Kansas work. His solo discs are all simple AOR, but well done. I've also strived to keep up on the production work that he's done for other artists. To be perfectly frank, most of that work is a bunch of horrid CCM dreck - apologies to those who, like me, occasionally dabble in horrid CCM dreck. I was in Tennessee for a wedding and drove thru Nashville - so I immediately thought of Elefante and Neal Morse even though I was blasting Odyssey at the time.

When I got back home, I did a search and found out that the Elefante brothers have created a new record label - called Selectric Records.


I listened to the samples at the site and thought most of it was fairly generic and faceless secular-cloning rock. The bass work, drum fills, keyboard fx, song-writing, and vocal harmonies of Dalton stood out to me. It reminded me a good deal of Remy Zero's Golden Hum disc. I'm a sucker for well-done power pop like Sugarbomb and Owsley, and this had a similar vibe to it. I decided to take a chance and ordered it from Amazon.

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000F3 ... nce&n=5174

I found it quite enjoyable and very sing-alongable. I'm always on the lookout for decent Christian music for the kids that is digestible without being vapid. You haven't experienced real musical suffering until you've endured a road trip punctuated with the likes of Zoe Girl.

If this description hasn't adequately scared you off, then you can get more info and samples here:


These guys might actually get me to step into a Baptist church for the first time in 16 years. Now that I've hooked them, the kids want to go see them when they come thru town in a couple of weeks.


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