Laser's Edge store gets a facelift

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Laser's Edge store gets a facelift

Post by Joe-× » Wed Aug 30, 2006 8:56 pm

My buddy Ken is too polite to spam the whole prog world so I wanted to help him get the word out.

Check out the changes at:

If you go to his forum there, you'll see his official announcement. If you click on the "G" section under CDs, you'll note that some bizarre quirk in his sorting algorithm puts Glass Hammer's Inconsolable Secret at the very tippy top of that section. Don't tell him. :)

As you browse thru the catalog, you can click on the album title or image to read Ken's incomparably accurate review as well as fan reviews. I urge everyone to post your gushing IT ROX MY WRLD type reviews for all the Glass Hammer titles as quickly as possible. :lol: Ken assures me that his sometimes comical mini-blurbs will be enabled on the list and search pages shortly.

Highly recommended for your progressive purchasing needs that can't be satisifed here by Miss Julie at the Glass Hammer store!

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Post by yyzmoose » Fri Sep 15, 2006 3:17 pm

Great site, great vendor. I buy most of my prog from them, both online and of course at Nearfest, where I'm always hounding their table. Quick service too, as I've gotten most of my orders within a couple days at most. The only downside? Being a NJ resident, I have to pay sales tax since its a NJ company. But thats not enough of a reason to deter me, as the service and selection is unbeatable.
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