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Post by Flo Paris » Wed Aug 29, 2007 11:57 pm

Hey guys! Sorry about my lack of response...a couple of days ago my laptop made a weird noise and turned off. Sera literally said to me, "Mama, is your laptop crying?"
Fortunately, it wasn't--it was something minor Josh was able to fix, but I had no computer for a couple of days, and I JUST now was able to check the thread...I don't have the energy (after getting kids to bed AND attending a preschool "parent night"-I'm such a MOM!) to write to everyone, but I really want to, because everyone has had something intelligent and interesting to say.
So, I'll try to do that tomorrow or the next day.
I do want to say though, that for me, the corruption in the business and the business side of things is not the sole, driving force for my "leaving".
I think even if I weren't in the business I would be annoyed by the vast amount of shoddy work and just....bad music that is put out by many of the artists in the genre.
I'm annoyed that there is even a genre at all--NOT that people shouldn't write and sing about their faith and their world view, I just wish it weren't marketed under the "Christian genre".
I know this gets sticky when we are talking about Christians, with good intentions, and whose art form is often labeled as "worship".

I've been realizing that my main beef comes down to this:
I don't think people like to hear Christian Music being criticized because they feel like they are criticizing someone's worship, someone's intention, someone's heart cry to God....but I would say, if you are going to wrap it up, market it, and sell it as a product, I have every right to be critical, even if I say it is bad music or poor quality. That is another reason I don't like "worship" concerts and selling worship CDs....it makes me uneasy and it makes me wonder if Jesus would be someone to pay for a ticket and sing along, or if he would turn over the merch table.

Sorry if I'm sounding abrasive, or too harsh...it's late, I'm tired, and I'm feeling sassy!!

By the way, there are a few artists still involved in CCM that I DO love and respect and listen to, so I would most certainly agree with yeshead
when he mentions not throwing out the baby with bath water.
To name a few I would never throw out:
Derek Webb, Andrew Peterson, Jill Phillips and Over the Rhine.

PS-Fred-"This little prog of mine, I'm gonna let it shine, this little prog of mine, I'm gonna let it shine..let it shine let it shine......ha.
"Has anyone in this family ever even seen a chicken?"

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