More Culture of Ascent on Internet Radio this week

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More Culture of Ascent on Internet Radio this week

Post by esteban » Mon Nov 12, 2007 3:24 pm

If you still haven't picked up COA, you can get your fix on my show Retune the Sky. It's on now! But if you miss the broadcast, you can get it either by streaming or downloading from the URL below.

Set list:

Show #46 - More of the New, Some of the Olde

Replay 12 noon PDT on November 19th

More of the new Glass Hammer release, more new Jordan Rudess, some new and not-so-new music featuring Tony Levin, and a couple of surprises.

Retune the Sky Intro (1:16)
Glass Hammer - Rest (6:36)

Glass Hammer - The Sun Song (9:36)
Glass Hammer - Ember Without Name (16:38)

~~ My Crimson Fix ~~
King Crimson - Satori In Tangiers (3:35)
Tony Levin - Gut String Theory (3:28)
Tony Levin Band - Black Dog (live - 5:37)
Tony Levin Band - Back in N.Y.C. (live - 6:15)
Tony Levin - Slow Glide (4:01)

Gentle Giant - Knots (4:06)
Jordan Rudess - Just the Same (8:22)
Spocks Beard - Gibberish (4:18)

Jordan Rudess - Dance on a Volcano (8:44)
Pat Metheny - Electric Counterpoint (4:39)

Glass Hammer - Into Thin Air (19:19)

Retune the Sky - On-Demand 24/7 (shows added on Mondays)
The Dividing Line Broadcast Network:
Show Page:
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