Yes, we just got one...

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Re: Yes, we just got one...

Post by wesman » Mon Aug 08, 2011 3:29 am

Please leave JOTD ALONE.

It is what it is.

Leave well enough alone and don't go mucking about trying to tweak and polish a jewel that is perfect in its own way.

A real 20th anniversary challenge would be to play it live again.....muwaahaaah ha (cough) hahhaa.

Record it direct from console and film it with about 5-7 HD video camera thru-out the venue. (TIVOLI)

Hmmm. since the CSO has a new director maybe you could throw the CSO in the pit at the TIV for added ambiance and free publicity for them.

Just a thought, I think it would be V cool and prolly sell most of the seats if promo 'ed right.

And there you have a 20th anniversary commemorative dvd - blu-ray for the hard core fans.

Don't mail me my poster as I am moving but don't know where yet.


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