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Fans and Friends Please Read

Post by MayorOfLongview » Fri Jan 10, 2003 4:01 pm

In this issue of Progression Magazine (the Letters section) ...

"Hello Mr. Collinge,
I just wanted to mention, even though I haven't seen the new fall issue yet, that the progressive rock world would be remiss without the loud and clear mentioning of both Dream Theater and their album Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, and Glass Hammer and their latest, Lex Rex. These albums have redefined prog music as it stands today, and no discussion, in my humble opinion, can take place in the genre without mention of these two albums and these two bands. Please mention these albums and please feature these bands in future articles! These groups are at the forefront of progressive rock, and the world needs to know this music is being made! Glass Hammer, in particular, has gotten far too little press!"
John Berube, Old Town, Maine

Magazine editor John Collinge replied that the last Glass Hammer feature in Progression was in issue #20 (around eight years ago). He went on to add that there would be a feature article in the very next issue.

Comments from Steve:
What John Berube has done for Glass Hammer is priceless to us (the members). Thank you John!
I cannot overemphasize the importance of Progression Magazine. It is read by thousands, circulated widely, and respected by many. It is without a doubt the slickest American progressive rock journal in print.
It is vital that we appear more frequently in this magazine, and the only way that will happen is if readers and GH fans insist upon it. I would not ask any of you to pester them with unnecessary demands for GH content, but I will not hesitate to ask you to follow up with the editor after the next issue. Give him your thanks, and encourage him to pay more attention to GH in the future.
Progression's email address appears on the 'Fanatics' page. Please let them know that you're glad to hear about the upcoming Glass Hammer article, and just how much you enjoy "Lex Rex". It will have a positive effect on the slant of the upcoming article. But once again I stress - do not pester them!
As always, thanks for helping to spread the word! :D
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