Covers, Yes, Longer and other stuff

The eighth album

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Covers, Yes, Longer and other stuff

Post by Octavian » Sun Sep 19, 2004 1:08 pm

When Yes started out, they were a covers band, taking popular top ten songs and playing them in a different way. I love Peter Banks + Chris Squires style in the early Yes music, especially the constant references to other pieces.

My favourite is slipping 'Oh I do like to be beside the seaside' into the into of 'Something's Coming', but there are other pieces with West Side Story quotes and of course many classical music quotes.

It seems to me that GH have followed in these footsteps, although they often quote famous prog soundworlds, rather than pop songs or classical refrains (though I think I read another post from Fred saying that he does).

So I have two questions:

a.) Is the third song from Chronometree quoting Tony Levin's 'nappybass' style from, for example, Gabriel's Don't Give Up? (The nappybass involves wrapping what you guys would call a diaper around the neck of his bass to dampen the sound)

b.) At the end of Longer, when the guitar quotes Stravinsky's Firebird, are you doing that 'cos its such a great tune, or because Yes have opened every set for a decade with it?

c.) Hmm. That's not two questions. Never mind. Is the bit in One King a homage to Topographic?

Did I mention how much fun it is listening to GH music? :D

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Post by FredProgGH » Sun Sep 19, 2004 2:21 pm


a) No. in fact if you mean the sound I think you mean it's not even a bass. It's a low Hammond organ. The bass plays the bizzare swells at the end. I didn't know TL did that! (I'm a big fan of his little finger-mallets though.)

b) that was just an improve of the moment (that's why it's a bit hesitant *lol*) but it got left for both reasons.
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