Glass Hammer - Culture Of Ascent #14 - airs tonight

Summit Expedition - Summer of 07

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Glass Hammer - Culture Of Ascent #14 - airs tonight

Post by MayorOfLongview » Sat Dec 08, 2007 9:20 pm

Glass Hammer - Culture Of Ascent #14

I'm Tom Gagliardi, radio host and producer of the
Gagliarchives. Your disc has made our final 30 of the
top 100 of 2007. This is an international radio
program that has been a tradition for the last 13
years where we launch an online poll and have our
listeners worldwide vote for the ones that felt were
the best. This year we had just over 7000 votes, and
nearly 1100 progressive rock/fusion/space/metal
related releases. We hope you can join us Saturday
night, 12/08/07 at 10pm Eastern at to listen live as we
countdown and listen to the replay at 11am Eastern on
12/11/07. Once again, congratulations and thanks for a
great album that made waves to our listeners in 2007.
Tom Gagliardi

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