For Subzero Weather

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For Subzero Weather

Post by Sam Gamgee » Thu Jan 15, 2009 12:51 pm

For those of us caught in the brunt of this Midwestern cold snap, keep in mind that there is no better music for subzero weather than CoA.

"Around the south side, so cold that we cry"*

"Bitter cold does away with the wonder..."

"Even in the darkest hour I still see your face
Frozen on that icy rock alone"**

My one hope is that none of us is outside long enough today to listen to the whole album. It's probably good enough to look at everyone's eyelashes freezing while you are inside listening.

Stay warm!

*(especially relevant to my fellow residents of southern Chicago)
**Substitute "bus stop" or "sidewalk" or "driver's seat" for "rock" for a more real life example.
Workings of man crying out from the fires set aflame
By his blindness to see that the warmth of his being
Is promised for his seeing, his reaching so clearly

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