ProgAid Release / features GH - Susie, Fred, Walter

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ProgAid Release / features GH - Susie, Fred, Walter

Post by MayorOfLongview » Fri Mar 11, 2005 5:37 pm

ProgAID was set-up in the wake of the terrible earthquake and Tsunami
disaster that tragically struck on the 26th December 2004. The sheer
destruction and loss of human life was of a scale that shook the world. F2
Music decided to co-ordinate the recording of a CD single to help raise as
much money as possible for those that need it.

The song, titled 'All Around The World', was recorded on the 29th and 30th
January 2005, and is released on F2 Records as a CD EP on 14 MARCH 2005.
There will be 5 mixes of the track (including a 13 minute Prog version!),
all very different, but all excellent! There is also the added bonus of a 5
minute video of various people recording their part in the studio, bringing
the total running time to almost 40 minutes! Artists appearing on the CD EP

Neal Morse / Roine Stolt - The Flower Kings / Pete Trewavas - Marillion /
Anthony Phillips / Martin Orford - IQ / Peter Nicholls - IQ / John Jowitt -
IQ / Alan Reed - Pallas / Nick Barrett - Pendragon / Clive Nolan - Arena /
Pendragon / John Mitchell - Arena & The Urbane & Kino / Gary Chandler -
Jadis / Arjen Lucassen - Ayreon / Oliver Wakeman / Steve Balsamo - Alan
Parsons Project / Troy Donockley - Iona / Heather Findlay - Mostly Autumn /
Bryan Josh - Mostly Autumn / Steve Gee - Landmarq / Tracy Hitchings -
Landmarq / Dave Wagstaff - Landmarq / Bruce Soord - Pineapple Thief / Stu
Nicholson - Galahad / Magenta / Glass Hammer / Mike Baker - Shadow Gallery
/ Gary Wehrkamp - Shadow Gallery / Doogie White - ex Rainbow & Yngwie
Malmsteen / Rob Gould - Fula / Steve Taylor - Strangefish / Dave Whittaker
- Strangefish / Danny Chang - The Fyreworks / Nigel Voyle - Cyan / Andy
Edwards - Ezra / Rob Gould - Fula / Chris Dale - Sack Trick & Bruce
Dickinson / Rachel Jones - ex Karnataka / Paul Davies - ex Karnataka &
Panic Room / Jonathan Edwards - ex Karnataka & Panic Room / Bluehorses

ALL profit from the sale of this CD EP will go towards helping those
effected by the Tsunami disaster, and we want to raise as much money as
possible! Please buy as many copies as you are able!


The ProgAID CD EP comes in a full colour slip case, with a colour insert
and is wrapped in cellophane. It is available from many distributors around
the world and all will be selling it at a retail price of GBP 5.00 (or
local equivalent). You can pre-order it NOW direct from and we will post as soon as it arrives from the
pressing plany! The price of GBP 5.00 INCLUDES postage to anywhere in the

Thanks for supporting this release and please spread this news to as many
people as possible! Regular updates, including the amount of money raised,
will be posted at the ProgAID web site at, so please visit
for the latest news.
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