Delivering Paper at Conference Welcome All

November 2005 - Belmont University

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Peter the High King

Delivering Paper at Conference Welcome All

Post by Peter the High King » Sun Oct 30, 2005 4:32 pm

Hi Everyone!

Sorry for my absence, but it's been an eventful term. I gave a paper at the annual meeting of the British Society of Aesthetics in Oxford, UK in September, and then put the finishing touches on a book project, that should be coming out some time next year. I also had to finish editing the paper that I will be giving at the Past Watchful Dragons conference.

I gather from all the emailing that a lot of you are just coming for the concert and that GH's time is extremely limited. That being said, I would like to officially invite ALL of you to attend my paper. Here's the info:

Session II, Friday (10:45-12:15PM), Panel II (CS Lewis in a larger context)

Daniel A. Kaufman, Missouri State University: "Self-Made Men: Further Reflections on CS Lewis's "The Abolition of Man."

I will have a link to the paper up on my website at Missouri State University tomorrow, for those who would like to check it out.

I will be bringing two undergraduate students and one graduate student in tow. All are big GH fans, as well as philosophers.

So, that's it. I really hope to meet some of you. I have enjoyed the Forum very much, despite my limited capacity to participate.

Best wishes and I hope to see you.

Daniel A. Kaufman (aka Peter the High King)

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