Ack, priorities

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Ack, priorities

Post by Joe-× » Sun Jun 25, 2006 5:12 pm

So I was talking to the wife to the other day to sort of get a feel for what she'd think of spending our anniversary in Chattanooga and going to the Tivoli show. Same day - what luck.

I've played Glass Hammer around her without, um, much luck.

She has no memory for band names. I think she remembers Rush, but the more obscure stuff that I like - she doesn't know. From time to time, she'll request that I get a song for listening on the road. If I get a song title or a word from the chorus, then I've got a chance. Sometimes - it's "just that Irish disc with the woman singer" narrowing it down to about 40 or 50 choices.

So I said - Glass Hammer, what do you think?

In years past, she'd attended the ProgPower metal fest in Atlanta with me a couple of times listening to music that she pretty much intensely dislikes. I reminded her of that. She asked if it was just Glass Hammer, or was it 7 other boring bands playing unmemorable and long songs. Her idea of a good metal fest involves Bon Jovi. I said no - just one band - Glass Hammer.

She says - who are they? She loves the Eric Parker disc, so I mention that. They were in the band on that Eric Parker CD. What's that, she asks, not having caught a clue. You know, I say. The disc that starts off with Something Distinct. I sing it. She says OK, I love that disc. I'm off to a good start. She'll think about it, she tells me.

It's during the school year - so it isn't exactly easy with two kids and their sports. Gotta recruit a baby sitter to watch over them or maybe just risk it and leave them alone - one's in high school, so I figure that's OK.

A couple of days later, I press again. I decide to play her favorite Glass Hammer disc (really the only one she doesn't dislike) on our way into work. Middle Earth album. After a few tracks, she's yimmering and yammering along to the music. I announce - hey - this is Glass Hammer. She says - oh really - I like this disc. It's kinda funny. I'm not sure I wanna drive 6 hours to watch drunken halflings perform, but I'll think about it.

Now I don't know elvish, but two think about its in wife-speak is a polite way of saying no and please don't pester me again by asking again.

I wait a couple more days and bring it up again. She gives me the play by play rundown of a typical day in the suburban family grind, and asks how this will all get done. They can handle it themselves. They can miss a practice or two or catch a ride with a friend. She's not sure.

A couple of days later, out of the blue, she says - I was looking for something and I saw a Glass Hammer DVD sitting on your desk. Is that that DVD you watch all the time? No, I answer honestly* - that DVD I watch all the time is called Lex Live. This is a new DVD that I just got recently. Unswayed by my clever dodge she pressed on - but that Lex Live thing that you watch all the time - the one with those nerds and that annoying music - is that Glass Hammer. Yes, I answer again more honestly. Seeing my plan begin to crumble I point out that the concert is a single evening and includes a choir and the music is mostly soft - compared to the three night grind of trite power metal - it's nothing, I suggest.

Well, she hasn't ruled it out yet, but I'm doubting it.

So, what's next? Do I suggest being out of town just by myself on our anniversary? It's an odd number - 19. No special milestone or anything.

See me rationalizing already? Decisions, decisions.


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Post by Prog Music's Frank » Sun Jun 25, 2006 7:08 pm

Even better- tell her that you're going to the show but we said she wasn't allowed to come so you're leaving her home.

(OK, don't do that really)

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Post by alien2112 » Mon Jun 26, 2006 10:34 am

Maybe you could celebrate your anniversary the day before or day after . . .

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Post by Reepicheep » Mon Jun 26, 2006 11:24 am

Coming from a wife, I would say either propose a pretty decent plan for celebrating your anniversary on a different day, (We went out of town for ours a month early this year for our 5th anniversary, just because the timing was better) or let her plan something in or around Chattanooga (or somewhere else that is part of your trip's route), that she would really enjoy.

Or promise that next year you will do whatever she wants.

For our very first anniversary, we had just moved out of state from CA. to TN. and didn't have any money, and Josh wanted to go see Star Wars, so that's what we did.
Even though it wasn't my ideal anniversary celebration, it was something Josh really wanted to do, and I figured of course, we'd have more anniversaries to celebrate!

*An important side note about that story:
This is only for your information, so that you can have hope that she may change her mind, or at least wind up having fun if she decides to go with you, NOT for ammunition. For example, do NOT, under any circumstance say anything along the lines of "A girl from Glass Hammer said she did something she didn't want to do for HER anniversary, and she wound up having a good time."
This would only end badly for you.

Also, it seems like next year you could make some really big plans to look forward to since it will be 20 years.
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